Black Canyon 100K ~ The Golden Ticket

In high desert land and I’m ready to run.
I got home court advantage under Arizona sun.
And much to my luck it’s a very hot day,
For all those elites where it’s winter away.

And this time I’m backed
With a marvelous crew.
I got my wife and my friend
And his girlfriend too!

The horn goes off and away we go,
And within a minute I’m finding my flow.
And as I forecast, the pack right away
Goes out too fast, with Sage Canaday.

Now I could hold back, and run my own race.
Or, try to keep up with this precarious pace.
But I’ve learned from the past, so I go with the former.
I bid adieu to the pack, and stick near Hal Korner.

My aid station time is cut right in half,
From having a team to fill up my gas.
Like the pit crew on a NASCAR track,
They fill up my bottle and ice up my back.

Now a major breakthrough at mile 23,
Running down a steep canyon and I gotta’ pee!
I went once already, early on in the race,
I don’t want to stop again at a 6:30 pace!

So I take a deep breath and just let it fly
If only you could see the look in my eye.
It feels a bit strange, and I can’t help but giggle.
Hey, no need to stop, and no need to jiggle!

Now just up ahead I spot the first guy
Who went out strong and is starting to fry.
When we pass a small creek, he comes to a halt.
And thus begins, my strategic assault.

One by one, they watch me run past,
As I desperately hope that my pace will last.
Until I see Second sprawled out in a stream,
A perfect position for my tactical scheme.

I offer a greeting, but no time for talk.
And no time for resting, or even a walk.
I push on ahead with a focused intent.
Conserve on the uphill and crush the descent.

I start to smile and try to relax,
As I ponder the harrowing question they ask.
“How bad do you want it?”  Well, I’ll tell ya this,
I ain’t in that stream, and I’m covered in piss.

At mile 52 there’s a 20-minute lead
Between myself and whoever’s in three.
And Sage up ahead is nowhere in sight
If I can hold on, I’ll be happy tonight.

A Western States ticket just 10 miles away,
Man, this could be an incredible day.
One mile further, I think it’s all in the bag,
When my leg cramps up and my toe hits a snag.

Now I’m rolling in dirt and seizing in pain.
I’m screaming and shouting. I must look insane.
So I grasp my bottle and unleash on the muscle,
And smash out my legs to get out of this tussle.

I finally stand up and this comes as a shock,
Cause I felt every second that flew off the clock.
The ticket is there, it’s right there to win it.
But mile 53 takes me 17 minutes.

Now I’m running again, although a bit slower,
And I’m dragging a bit, and my heads hangin’ lower.
And I keep looking back, as if on a chase.
But I ain’t the chaser, for now I’m the bait.

Somehow it seems, there’s only one mile left.
And no one caught up for a Western spot theft.
I cross the finish to see the whole crew.
I got me the ticket for runner number 2.

A remarkable feeling and nothing could spoil it,
Not even the bonding I then share with the toilet.
And in four short months we’ll be heading to Cali,
For little ole race that starts in Squaw Valley!

64615404-20160212-MG2A0507SweetM Images

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Ron Ceton64615403-20160213-MG2A1630SweetM Images


Aravaipa Runningp1849820767-o192582975-3

Aravaipa Running

Starting Line Video – and a little video from Aravaipa from the beginning of the race!





4 thoughts on “Black Canyon 100K ~ The Golden Ticket

  1. Great poem Charlie, you deserve the golden ticket and your place among the elite. hard and keep the mind sharp. You are among the few greatseconds in a sport that testshe everything!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I love it! Read the whole thing to Richard. So much fun to read out loud. Favorite line…so many, but loved “I ain’t in that stream and I’m covered in piss!” Congrats buddy!

    Liked by 1 person

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